My Story


Hello and thanks for visiting Luc Loves. I’m Valerie and I live in Stoke Newington, London with my husband Matt and our 7 year old son Luc.

Ever since I was little I’ve always been obsessed by interiors – as a child I would constantly rearrange my room or create cosy dens to play in - when you're a kid, your room can be your sanctuary and a place to express who you are. After we had Luc it was a struggle to find good quality, unusual vintage pieces both for his room and for the growing number of toys that started to take over our house. I love to mix old with new for a more unique look and to give his room more character. Luc loves pieces like the old printer drawer in his room which has tons of tiny compartments for his ever increasing collection of Lego characters. 

Luc Loves came about when I decided to start a shop where people could find all these kind of pieces for children in one place. Everything I source I’d have in my own home and sometimes I paint them with a little pop of colour or personalise them to make them all the more unique. I love that each piece I find has its own special history – a chair that’s been sat on by French school kids or a desk that still has scribbles on from the 80s. Now they can be passed on to your children to make their own stories...#passonthelove